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Lowkey (OFB) drops new visuals to ‘Ting Set’

Lowkey (OFB) drops new visuals to ‘Ting Set’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 23rd July 2020

Lowkey (OFB) drops new visuals to ‘Ting Set’ Photograph

There is something about the combination of the Jamaican accent and a drill beat that makes this banger slap differently. Lowkey’s latest release will have you screw-facing for the entirety of the track.

The OFB rapper is fully immersed in the beat as he gives us them crud-filled bars we have grown to expect on new track titled 'Ting Set'. The airy drill beat coincides perfectly with Lowkey’s belligerent tone.

Ting Set is filled with aggression, darkness and anger. For me, this is the perfect type of tune to slap on the gym playlist as it will get you pumped and full of energy.

The visuals are nicely done. The video consists of attractive women playing with fire in what looks like a dark and abandoned scaffolding site. Again, this helps with the dangerous connotations the song portrays. Other scenes include the rapper reciting his bars with his squad around him.

OFB are arguably the most talented group in the UK music scene. With so many styles and talents on their roster, it is no surprise that those three letters pop up so often. Lowkey is just another example of the diverse talent this group hold. His unique style and his Caribbean influence mixed with hard drill beats, makes the artist an interesting listen.

Check it out here and let us know your thoughts on the socials.