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Vince Godson premieres brand new track 'Timeless'

Vince Godson premieres brand new track 'Timeless'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 29th July 2020

Vince Godson premieres brand new track 'Timeless'  Photograph

Vince Godson has premiered his brand new track entilted, 'Timeless', officially releasing tomorrow! The talented R&B singer collected everyone’s rawest thoughts and feelings, then painted a realistic reality of how it feels like to have everything in your life sorted.

Still, a part of you feels empty craving a connection but struggling to find one. Vince Godson’s smooth, entrancing voice matches the harmonious melody, hypnotising listeners by every beat and lyric. The instrumental playing out in the beginning, faded sounds and breeze encapsulates how love can be draining and distorted. Vince Godson's vibrant authenticity tells the true story of the battle and search of love.

Listen to the track below: