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Tantzz lands with catchy 'AMC'

Tantzz lands with catchy 'AMC'

Author: Josh Clubbe | Wednesday 29th July 2020

Tantzz  lands with catchy 'AMC' Photograph
Tantzz brings a bop with his latest release ‘AMC’, a track with a foundation that invites a flow that isn’t overcomplicated, and more on the relaxing catchy side – the lyrical simplicity added is a touch of gold. Produced by Two4Kay, the instrumental is acknowledged by the Manchester-based rapper. What I mean by that is, he knows that he needs to allow the beat to have that breathing time in between bars, chopping in and layering more vocals when needs to, the words almost dance on top.

The style he brings is definitely unique to him, however, also in-keeping with what is popping right now. With a catalogue of work, ‘AMC’ is one of those tracks from his collection that upon listening, will then make you do some internet digging on previous releases.

This one is for those listeners always craving to fulfil that desire to discover new music, to find that one they can play and impress people with, gaining that immediate gratification from friends.