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Aystar goes 'Straight In' with his latest visuals

Aystar goes 'Straight In' with his latest visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 31st July 2020

Aystar goes 'Straight In' with his latest visuals  Photograph

Aystar is back with new visuals to Straight In.

Spitting over a nice and easy Hip-Hop beat, the Liverpudlian dons a very calm flow whilst spitting viscous bars. This juxtaposition is what makes Aystar hard. He spits the cruddiest bars with such a gentle flow.

When it comes to straight rapping, Aystar is one of the coldest at it. His strong scouse accent gives his flow that uniqueness that sets him apart from his peers. He also rides the beat effortlessly keeping his flow fluent throughout the entirety of the track.

The Scouse rapper makes the type of music where you deep every bar he says. His lyrical ability is second to none, filled with countless references that will having you bopping your head throughout.

In the visuals, we see Aystar rocking a colourful hoodie whilst reciting his bars in a phonebooth. Other scenes include motorbike stunts. The dingy lighting used gives the visuals a conspicuous vibe.

I feel like Aystar was proving a point with this latest release. With no chorus, the rapper is showing us that he is still at the top of the game when it comes to rapping and lyrical ability.

Listen to ‘Straight In’ here and let us know your thoughts on the socials.