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Savon Bartley unleashes 'Chicago Girl'

Savon Bartley unleashes 'Chicago Girl'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 6th August 2020

Savon Bartley unleashes 'Chicago Girl'  Photograph

Savon Bartley has released a brand new single entitled, ‘Chicago Girl’. The fun, uptempo track is about a ‘Chicago Girl’ that the rapper previously met in Brooklyn. ‘Chicago Girl’ tells an exciting love story of how they met.

Savon started his music career singing in the church and playing the drums in his school band. After discovering hip hop, singing in the church turned into rapping at the lunch table and playing the drums turned into playing with drum machines. Soon after college, Savon jumped into New York’s independent music scene and has been touring and performing around the world ever since. He is currently working on new music and is excited about what he has on the way. If it’s interesting storytelling, and infectious beats you’re after, there should only be one name on your lips.

Listen to the full track of 'Chicago Girl' below: