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Shacar drops inspirational anthem ‘Forrest’

Shacar drops inspirational anthem ‘Forrest’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 13th August 2020

Shacar drops inspirational anthem ‘Forrest’ Photograph

Shacar has released an inspirational anthem entilted, 'Forrest'. The track ‘Forrest’ speaks volumes of empowerment, motivation, and strength. It is a powerful anthem knitted with several positive words of affirmations. Shacar’s choice of the entrancing meditative melody creates the illusion of striving towards hope and happiness while disposing of all trials and tribulations away.

‘Forrest’ is a track that matches every possible mood, it is heartfelt, reflective, and uplifting, he reminds us to keep going no matter if we feel defeated, the end result will always be worth all the pain. The track is a musical diary, recalling most of our personal thoughts and feelings, flooding into one track.

Listen to the full track below: