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Santino Le Saint drops fresh new 'COLOURS' session

Santino Le Saint drops fresh new 'COLOURS' session

Author: Daniel Feliciano | Thursday 13th August 2020

Santino Le Saint drops fresh new 'COLOURS' session Photograph

Santino Le Saint has dropped a COLOURS session where he performs his hit 'I Know'.

The Brixton artist dropped by the studio for a rendition of his new song, which he released the audio for on his own Youtube channel earlier this week.

With soft hitting RnB vocals, Le Saint is heading towards a big future in the industry. The UK scene continues to grow and produce amazing talent, with Santino being next up off the conveyor belt. He sings with feeling and passion, making you feel the lyrics he is singing.

The song talks about a broken relationship that was never built to last and the beat has a radio type feel to it, giving it the exact type of feel it needs to be a nationwide smash hit. With the electric guitar solo towards the end too, Santino shows there are many strings to his bow and that he is someone everyone should be keeping an eye on.

You can follow Santino Le Saint on Instagram at @santinolesaint and can watch his COLOURS session below.