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Sneakbo teams up with M Dargg for 'Shut Up' visuals

Sneakbo teams up with M Dargg for 'Shut Up' visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 13th August 2020

Sneakbo teams up with M Dargg for 'Shut Up' visuals  Photograph

Representing Brixton, Sneakbo and M Dargg have come through and brought the heat with their latest release.

Sneakbo steps up first, spitting over a piano-styled beat. The South London rapper rides effortlessly, whilst proudly bigging up his area, Brixton. Sneakbo’s chorus added with the strong kicks of the beat makes it an energy-filled banger. The ‘jet-ski’ rapper maintains the energy in his first verse, whilst he gives us that authentic sound coupled with hard-hitting bars.

M Dargg hits the standards Sneakbo set by giving us that greaze straight from the off. Mdargg’s verse will have you screwing your face due to the hardness of his lyrics. One of the first artists to jump on UK Drill, the Brixton artist shows why he is one of the originators. His icey flow and aggressive lyrics helps add to the energy of the song.

Sneakbo comes back in with the chorus and then blesses us with one last verse, putting the finishing touches to the track.

The visuals almost resemble a block party. We have the flashy cars, the pretty models, and numerous guys on the block with both rappers as they recite their bars. Other scenes include everyone dressed up enjoying the tune with their red cups, which is symbol for alcohol and good times.

Sneakbo and Brixton have come through representing Brixton to the fullest with Shut Up. Both artists certainly brought their A-game. This banger definitely holds replay value.

Check out the track here.