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AM unleashes visuals to brand new track 'Jeremy Corbyn'.

AM unleashes visuals to brand new track 'Jeremy Corbyn'.

Author: Casey Dorney | Saturday 15th August 2020

AM unleashes visuals to brand new track 'Jeremy Corbyn'. Photograph

As of recently, AM has returned to releasing predominantly solo music as he is highly popularly known for his recent work with Skengdo. This is so he can gradually widen his personal discography and remind us what he can deliver as an individual artist. With previous tracks reaching over a million views on YouTube, AM's future career is undoubtably promising and he is only likely to flourish even further in the music scene.

In 'Jeremy Corbyn', AM showcases his distinctive sound flowing on the drill beat - produced by ZCBeats and CZR. His deep tone when rapping is one of his most recognisable and approved charateristics as an artist, which many listeners do acknowledge. Being a very renowned drill artist, he has been pleasing audiences for years now and still remains consistent with his releases.

Within the visuals to this track, AM gives us a teaser of a new upcoming release which sparked excitement for those who have watched! The next few months of AM's career is looking very fulfilling as we wait to see what he delivers next.