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Ard Adz Drops new Video 'Home Freestyle'

Ard Adz Drops new Video 'Home Freestyle'

Author: Boy Nash | Friday 21st August 2020

Ard Adz Drops new Video 'Home Freestyle' Photograph

Ard Adz is not a new face to the UK rap scene, he has been ploughing the field and putting in work for almost a decade. The UK rapper hailing from Brixton Town blesses us with a new record titled 'Home Freestyle' which is directed by 'Kye Taliana'. One of Ard Adz recent records Habibti garnered over 14 million streams on Spotify and over 5 million views on Youtube.

Ard Adz hits us with a deep diving introspective record which is soul touching. He takes us on a journey of his life and his thought patterns relating to life in the ends. The whole song is rapped from start to end. He drops metaphors through out the song, my favourite line is "I sleep with a Burna like Steff".

Ard Adz is definitely one to watch, and his album Miskeen is still out. Stream and watch the video below.