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Skengdo unveils new visuals to ‘Ying’

Skengdo unveils new visuals to ‘Ying’

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 21st August 2020

Skengdo unveils new visuals to ‘Ying’ Photograph

Rapping over an airy and hard-hitting drill beat, Skengdo delivers an ice-cold banger in ‘Ying’.

The South Londoner always dons a smooth flow, riding over the beat with ease. His calmness in the verses juxtaposes the aggressive nature of the instrumental. The rapper is full of one-liners and punchlines, adding to the hype of the tune.

The chorus alone gets you gassed-up. The braggadocious nature is exactly what you expect when you hear Skengdo on a track. The second verse starts with a bang, I can imagine everyone listening screaming “bark it off”. Skengdo always has them certain bars that will stick in your head and have you repeating throughout the day.

The visuals are flashy just like the lyrics. We see Skengdo rocking the famous shades, surrounded by models whilst he recites his bars. The colour green features heavily in the video as we see green cups, green bandanas, and green tops. At the beginning of the second verse, Skengdo and everyone around him are fully vibing and getting gassed to the rappers’ lyrics. Seeing that further implements the raw hype his bars bring.

Time and time again, Skengdo shows us why he is one of the top dogs in the scene. His calm demeanour and his catchy punchlines solidify his status as one of the best.

Make sure you check this one out and let us know your thoughts.