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Dondivakeda unleashes 'Sauce'

Dondivakeda unleashes 'Sauce'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Monday 24th August 2020

Dondivakeda unleashes 'Sauce'  Photograph

Dondivakeda has released a hot new video entitled, 'Sauce'. The confident track is all about female empowerment, being glamorous and the day to day life in South London! In the track, Dondivakeda incorporates her Jamaican heritage by speaking patwa and we're loving it!

When speaking about the track, she said: "I heard the beat before making songs but already had the idea of the lyrics in mind. Sauce is all about female empowerment, being glamorous, and also talking about day to day life in South London. My inspiration is for women and men to listen to this song and feel good about themselves. Having the sauce doesn’t literally mean ''sauce'' - it means having flavour and texture and not being plain... having some sauce in your life is always exciting, unpredictable and makes for a great time I've Incorporated my Jamaican heritage and speak patois in my lyrics as I am from Brixton, south London.

Make sure to watch the full video below: