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L3 drops brand new track ‘Ignorant’

L3 drops brand new track ‘Ignorant’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 26th August 2020

L3 drops brand new track ‘Ignorant’ Photograph

L3 unleashes a brand new single ‘Ignorant.’ The south-east London hailing rapper, who is part of the collective Essie Gang with Octavian, J Rick and Michael Phantom has used his rap skill to perform at AppleSap Amsterdam, Manchester Warehouse and handlined at Hoxton Basement. In this single, he incorporates an array of autotune melodic rap with a handful of flows laid over a dark, up-tempo bass-thumping production. L3’s delivers a hard-hitting single as he showcases his filled autotune sound with ease.

L3 reminds us to strive to achieve everything we want in life. Expect many more bangers from L3! He is the one to watch!

Listen to the full track below: