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Scribz Riley returns with third single 'MANDY'

Scribz Riley returns with third single 'MANDY'

Author: 6PAD | Thursday 27th August 2020

Scribz Riley returns with third single 'MANDY' Photograph

Two-time Grammy award winning producer turned artist Scribz Riley delivers a completely different experience with his third single ‘Mandy’ alongside some intense visuals.

The song starts with a visibly angry and frustrated Scribz walking away from a confrontation with a woman we assume is Mandy. Telling her to go and do what she wants to do and whatever is going to make her happy.

We then see Mandy violently chase Scribz to try resolve their issues by pushing him in the back, with Scribz still refusing to talk to her. Reminiscent of the days where we’d see couples arguing after a night out before lockdown started.

Mandy and Scribz both get into a car and slowly begin to reconcile. However, the car is suddenly consumed by the ground and both Scribz and Mandy begin to drown.

We then hear a snippet of another song which is similar to when we first heard the snippet of ‘Impress Me’ on Scribz debut single ‘Eastside’.

This latest release has us craving Scribz’s inevitable EP that hopefully should drop sometime this year or early 2021.

Check out the video here:

Here's my first reaction to the single: