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Frosty collabs with Unknown T for ‘Under Surveillance’ visuals

Frosty collabs with Unknown T for ‘Under Surveillance’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 27th August 2020

Frosty collabs with Unknown T for ‘Under Surveillance’ visuals  Photograph

Frosty and Unknown T join forces for a collaboration that we never knew we needed. We hear both rappers go back to back and verse for verse, showing how capable they are on a track, with their new collaboration titled 'Under Surveillance'.

Unknown T and Frosty both have very distinct styles when rapping. Frosty rides the beat delicately with a smooth and gentle flow, whilst Unknown T attacks the beat with aggression whilst donning his vigorous delivery. It is safe to say that Frosty and Unknown T are on the opposite ends of the scale when it comes to style.

Throughout the track, Frosty maintains his calm demeanour whilst giving us cold one-liners that will be easily remembered by the listener. Then, we have Unknown T who switches his flow up numerous times whilst maintaining an immense amount of energy. The switch up in the East Londoner’s verse will get you hyped for sure.

The creative levels for the visuals to Under Surveillance are high. It starts off in a dark and dingy room with a guy tied up, being interrogated. Some scenes look like it was shot through a surveillance camera, making it relevant to the name. The entire video is either in dark lighting, or shot at night-time, giving it a dystopic feeling.

This link up is certainly top tier. Both artists brought their calibre to the track and have made a hit in doing so.

Make sure you give this one a listen and

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