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Giggity release brand new track 'Hard'

Giggity release brand new track 'Hard'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 2nd September 2020

Giggity release brand new track 'Hard'  Photograph

The GIGGITY fellas used their collaborative brilliance to grace fans with new track ‘Hard’ from their project ‘Wake Up From the Rooftop’. ‘Hard’ is what rap is about, a song with direct rap verses filled with metaphors that hardcore rap fans will certainly appreciate.

You have to pay attention to the way they flow from one line to the next, “hard like calculus, algebra” doesn’t read well on paper but the way this line is delivered so poetically is one of many examples. Not only are we introduced to a vibe that allows the rappers’ voices to be heard loud and clear but the concept behind the song implies a cockiness that some of our favourite rappers embody.

Listen to the full track below: