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Bran Movay unveils brand new track 'Greens'

Bran Movay unveils brand new track 'Greens'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 3rd September 2020

Bran Movay unveils brand new track 'Greens'  Photograph

An exciting project is on the way from versatile artist Bran Movay, Flower Talk II is set to bless fans with a collection full of vibes. Leading the way is his latest single “Greens!” due to be released on the 28th August. It’s funky, rhythmic and soulful yet each of these elements takes centre stage at different points of the track.

It’s layered to perfection with Bran’s rap flow in his verse that oozes confidence and swag; that’s the rhythm, we then reach the bouncing hook with stunning vocals in the background accompanied by the sweet sound of the saxophone; that’s the funk. It’s all a combination at this point and eventually, Bran finishes strong towards the end as the production slows down for him to repeat his smooth verse, the soulful ending.

It’s a sound that will definitely take fans back, Bran says - “(Greens!) is an ode to my mother's cooking, and to the memories of eating dinner with my family. I wanted the song to embody the nostalgia I'd felt while away at college and the longing for a good ole home-cooked meal”. Bran certainly leaves fans hungry in two ways; one that is quite literal with the food references in his lyrics and the other which is us being hungry for more as this track is simply a taste for more to come with the EP.

Listen to the full song below: