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Mowgs releases new song 'Who Cares'

Mowgs releases new song 'Who Cares'

Author: Stephen Jones | Thursday 3rd September 2020

Mowgs releases new song 'Who Cares'  Photograph

Who Cares? We care.

How can you not care when Mowgs has a new song being released? The rapper conveys stories into his music and 'Who Cares' is just another prime example of this. The waves on this one should come with a tsunami warning.

The 0121 has provided us with our fair share of spoils over the last few years, and the talent emerging from Birmingham just keeps on coming. At the forefront of the wave is B23 native Mowgs who has enjoyed success with releases such as 'Erdz Boy' and 'Facts.'

This time around he is back with his new track 'Who Cares' which is testament to his prowess, as a rapper. The skilled artist really does deliver with this new joint.

The silvery beat is a perfect match for the euphoric flow of Mowgs, and from the moment the song starts, you can tell that it's going to be a worthy listening experience.

If the song wasn't good enough already it has been paired with some slick visuals that do 'Who Cares' some serious justice. The visuals are all down to Hector, and it presents to us Mowgs on his block spitting fire and looking focused.

Do yourself a big Thursday favour and go and check the visuals for 'Who Cares' below.