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Hoosh drops brand new track ‘Missed Takes’

Hoosh drops brand new track ‘Missed Takes’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 4th September 2020

Hoosh drops brand new track ‘Missed Takes’ Photograph

East-African, Miami based singer/songwriter Hoosh releases brand new single ‘Missed Takes’. His Introspective lyrics and the guitar-led instrumental create the perfect reflective vibe. The track recalls dodging commitment with a good girl and not seeing her worth until she drifts away from you. Also, having to deal with his father’s near-death experience. Hoosh’s rasping authentic sound and smooth beats captivate listeners by each melody, setting him aside from the rest.

When speaking about the track, Hoosh states: “missed-takes. Hard to stop them before it’s too late. I met a girl a couple of years back that changed my life. For the first time ever, I truly considered slowing down for someone other than myself. Things didn’t start like that though.. not at all. Let me tell you a little story that affirms the saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone”. When we first hooked up. I self-sabotaged everything from dinners to phone calls in an effort to remove myself from the situation. Then when I least expected it, my father had a near-death experience halfway across the world. I flew out the next day and ended up spending months in Qatar helping him recover. By the time I got back to the States, it was too late: she moved on. The conception of this song symbolizes acceptance: a coming to terms”

‘Missed Takes’ is an irresistible track! Make sure to check out his other projects on all streaming platforms.

Listen to the full track below: