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Blanco drops new visuals to ‘Anakin’

Blanco drops new visuals to ‘Anakin’

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 10th September 2020

Blanco drops new visuals to ‘Anakin’ Photograph

Blanco is back with a new banger titled 'Anakin'. The South London rapper is a fresh of breath air in the scene. His style is unequalled and the way he flows over beats with ease is something to admire.

Every bar Blanco spits has some sort of reference, whether it is football, Scooby Doo or something else; Blanco is just full of clever metaphors throughout. His wordplay is so clever that when you relisten to the tune, you will pick up a new reference that you might have previously missed. This will surely help with his replay value.

You also must give credit to the style of instrumental used. The upbeat drums, alongside the jazz sounding instruments compliments Blanco’s calm and relaxed demeanour perfectly.

The visuals are entertaining. We see different shots of Blanco reciting his bars whilst others go about their everyday life. Scenes includes two school children walking through a street whilst they witness a stop and search.

It is no doubt that Blanco has created a lane of his own. There is no mistaking who is on the track once he starts spitting and that is a valuable quality to have, especially when you are looking for longevity.

Check out the Anakin visuals below and let us know your thoughts.