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Roki Taylor drops brand track ‘535 Manzy’

Roki Taylor drops brand track ‘535 Manzy’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 16th September 2020

Roki Taylor drops brand track ‘535 Manzy’ Photograph

Roki Taylor unleashes brand new song ‘535 Manzy’. The track is the perfect upbeat party vibe, Roki Taylor takes listeners on a journey into the world of partying, socialising and meeting girls after moving out for the first time. The Hip-Hop, the Pop beat is ear-hooking and addictive. Roki Taylor’s relatable and smooth lyrics set him apart from the rest.

When speaking about the track, Roki Taylor states “This song is about the thrill of moving out for the first time, going out of state to a college or university. New beginnings, massive parties, chasing girls, and unfortunately, not much studying at all. For me, this experience was at Arizona State University. I lived at the Manzanita(Manzy) dorms room 535. I want people to turn this song up, and have a crazy good time as I did at the university.

Make sure to tune in to 535 Manzy and Roki Taylor’s other tracks.