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Len releases brand new visuals to 'Deceptikon'

Len releases brand new visuals to 'Deceptikon'

Author: Casey Dorney | Thursday 17th September 2020

Len releases brand new visuals to 'Deceptikon' Photograph

As featured on his 'Days Before Interstellar' mixtape released earlier this year, Len has decided to unleash potentially the most creatively constructed and compelling visuals of 2020 to his significantly popular track 'Deceptikon'.

As an artist, Len evidently showcases his multiple talent and versatility throughout his music, which is what makes him stand out. His capability to change and adapt to alternative flows, beats and melodies sets him out to be different than many others in the UK music scene. Len's unique style of music is almost refreshing to many listeners as he constantly delivers something new, as well as maintaining his distinctive tone creating music people genuinely enjoy listening to.

With the concept of 'Deceptikon' stemming from robotics, this was successfully demonstrated through the visuals, shot by Javvyluu and directed by Mally. The effort and detail rooted into the music video is something that many people believe the current UK music scene is lacking therefore, it is clear that Len is once again setting the bar for others in the industry.

'Deceptikon' currently holds over 20,000 streams on spotify and with the brand new release of these insane visuals, the numbers are only set to increase! Len's upcoming months in his music career are undoubtably due to be impactful as he continues to successfully deliver every single time.

Check out the visuals below.