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M1llionz drops visuals to brand new track 'NAIROBI'

M1llionz drops visuals to brand new track 'NAIROBI'

Author: Casey Dorney | Thursday 17th September 2020

M1llionz drops visuals to brand new track 'NAIROBI' Photograph

M1llionz contributes his time and effort to deliver some new, heavily inspirational Kenya-located visuals to latest track titled 'NAIROBI'.

Following the release of 'LAGGA' also directed and filmed in Kenya, M1llionz ensured to make this experience as impactful as possible.

The new visuals display a vlog type music video, showcasing the every day life of living in Nairobi, Kenya, as M1llionz raps on the track about the difficulties of growing up in a troubling, conflicting environment. It heavily highlights his gratitute in the recent success in his music career and the position he now holds as a role model, someone that people look up to. He concludes the video with an extremely heart felt explanation of where his head is at as of now, due to his growing achievements and shows an intense level of self-reflection.

This track is undoubtably meaningful to M1llionz and that is clearly displayed through the visuals - directed by TEEEZY C. Alongside LAGGA, this release is highly likely to be favoured by many audiences as it resonates deep emotion, a concept of music that many people tend to enjoy.

Check out the visuals below.