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Dylan Joshua drops hot new V&B single 'can't stay'

Dylan Joshua drops hot new V&B single 'can't stay'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 23rd September 2020

Dylan Joshua drops hot new V&B single 'can't stay' Photograph

Canadian artist Dylan Joshua has dropped a fresh follow up from his critically acclaimed 'hologram' EP. Sitting neatly between RnB and hip hop, the New Music Friday artist is flying the flag for V&B (vibes and blues).

Speaking of his new release, Dylan Joshua said: “can't stay is the honest truth of me realizing the ending of a relationship and my thoughts on it. A lot of the music I make I just make for myself, I don’t write with the intention to put it out, so with my music, listeners are really just getting the true stream of thought of what I'm dealing with. Hopefully, it opens up conversations for people to talk more about the issues they're going through, unlike I did. I know for me personally, especially when things aren’t working out in a relationship it takes a toll because it’s like fighting a secret war. You don’t wanna show anyone there's trouble in paradise so you kind of bottle it up. Thankfully I have music as an outlet but to the people out there who don’t, it’s definitely a struggle I empathize with. It can be very draining”

Take a listen to Dylan's newest record below: