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Anisha releases hot new track ‘Maze’

Anisha releases hot new track ‘Maze’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 24th September 2020

Anisha releases hot new track ‘Maze’ Photograph

Anisha paints a wave of emotion onto new track ‘Maze’. The song tells the story of how a lack of communication in a relationship can leave you overthinking and hurting. Instrumentally mixed to perfection, the beat glides smoothly with Anisha’ heartfelt lyrics. Her thoughts overflow like a stream of consciousness on the track, which listeners can relate and reflect to.

When speaking about Maze is about trying to navigate a relationship with someone who is guarded and unable or unwilling to express how they feel. When the communication isn’t there, it feels like you’re going through a maze trying to understand what the other person is thinking, feeling, needing. This song is a lighthearted articulation of that experience.