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Berna releases latest single ‘Poppin’

Berna releases latest single ‘Poppin’

Author: Aishah Rahman | Friday 25th September 2020

Berna releases latest single ‘Poppin’ Photograph

Following the release of ‘PLRK’, 21 year-old Berna has dropped his latest single ‘Poppin’.

Produced by Akaali, ‘Poppin’ describes overcoming personal challenges and it is clear his sights are set sky high.

The East London-born artist tends to have a signature approach to his music as the tracks have a distinguished flow and poignant lyricism over a storytelling beat. Berna has confidently carved out his sound with a refreshing blend of UK and US as he draws influences from all genres including hip-pop, metal and rock which definitely seems promising.

Berna took to rap after losing his brother four years ago, and has since built notoriety from a slew of viral freestyles. With the UK rap scene being at an all-time high Berna undoubtedly fits into the musical landscape and even adds a fresh touch. ‘Poor Little Rich Kid’ will be his debut EP.

Previous albums from the artist includes Al Senor Grande Y Podereso, TRAPEANDO vol2 and Golden Boot EP.

Listen to ‘Poppin’ here:


Listen to Poppin' on Spotify. Berna · Song · 2020.