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Eleven Unleashes Latest Visuals For ‘Tapped’

Eleven Unleashes Latest Visuals For ‘Tapped’

Author: Aishah Rahman | Thursday 1st October 2020

Eleven Unleashes Latest Visuals For ‘Tapped’ Photograph

Eleven has dropped visuals for his brand new track ‘Tapped’. The artist brings a different approach to the UK music scene through a powerful blend of soulful hip-hop. The track clearly showcases Eleven’s vocals which have a grasping effect, and the more you listen the further you are drawn to his words and voice. The sound of the flute between the beats adds to the sinister and mysterious vibe of the video.

A lot of thought has clearly been put into the music video through the graphics and visual effects which is really refreshing and definitely puts Eleven in his own lane. As we approach Halloween the sounds of the footsteps, smoke, and lightning effects definitely set the mood for not only the season but new talent on the scene. The video showcases figures wearing white masks and clown faces which could symbolise ghosts of the past, but adds to the ambiguity and entertainment factor.

Tapped is an unforgettable track with a smooth rhythm, making it a vibe. The catchy track will have you nodding along, perfect for a chill mood.

We look forward to more tracks.

Check out ‘Tapped’ here