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Jeaux drops brand new track ‘Soul food’

Jeaux drops brand new track ‘Soul food’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Saturday 3rd October 2020

Jeaux drops brand new track ‘Soul food’ Photograph

Soulful R&B singer Jeaux came back to deliver new track ‘Soul food’. The song speaks volumes of heartfelt affirmations; it tells a story of how it feels to be in deep love. Joined by a strong female vocalist which compliments Jeaux smooth R&B voice, Jeaux showcases his phenomenal wide vocal range while expressing his undeniable love for his girlfriend.

‘Soul food’ heart-warming lyrics paint the idea of how love should be, exclusive and special. Jeaux's distinctive voice marks his place in the industry.

When speaking about ‘Soul food’, Jeaux states ‘Any woman can be eye candy, but it takes a special woman to be SOUL FOOD. This song was created about my girlfriend. She’s my everything, she stimulates me and challenges me every day. I love her, she’s my backbone, my best friend, and my soul food.”

Listen to the full track below: