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Adrian Daniels releases heartfelt track ‘Round Town’

Adrian Daniels releases heartfelt track ‘Round Town’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 7th October 2020

Adrian Daniels releases heartfelt track ‘Round Town’ Photograph

Round Town is two minutes, 48 seconds of lyrical truth, heartfelt emotion and a state of reflectiveness. Adrian Daniels forces listeners to connect with their deepest inner thoughts and feelings in ‘Round town ft Asiah’. Produced by Platinum Producers in the Netherlands, Loot, Manoah Hoff, and Adrian Nelson- Daniels from the US.

The track is about dealing with heartbreak, Adrian Daniels unpeels layers of reality, coping with heartbreak and how detrimental it can be to our emotions, causing us to be in a constant battle with our thoughts. It is meditative and relatable as many listeners have gone through heartbreak.

Adrian Daniels' creativity speaks out in his music “Round Town is symbolic of going in circles. A Lot of the time after we go through heartbreak there is this reflection moment on everything. We can tend to be caught in an endless loop of emotions because of it.”

Click here to listen to the track!