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ImJaeHall unleashes new track ‘Selfish’

ImJaeHall unleashes new track ‘Selfish’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Thursday 8th October 2020

ImJaeHall unleashes new track ‘Selfish’ Photograph

‘Selfish’ Is a self-reflective track, teaches acceptance and forces listeners to come to terms with toxic traits subtly and peacefully. ‘Selfish’ slow-motion hip hop/R&B beat creates the perfect relative mood. When speaking about the track, ImJaeHall states Selfish was recorded after a 3-hour phone conversation with a woman I was dating. And the word that we constantly use to describe me was "Selfish". And instead of denying the allegation, I started to understand the "Why" and agreed.

Produced by Ryan Collins (credits: Wiz Khalifa, Logic). The production of the track is effortless. Towards the end of ‘Selfish’ ImJaeHall adds another layer to the song, him accepting the women’s perception of him and reflecting on what she has done for him.

Listen to the full track below: