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Blush’ko returns with brand new track ‘Hendrix'

Blush’ko returns with brand new track ‘Hendrix'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 9th October 2020

Blush’ko returns with brand new track ‘Hendrix'  Photograph

Blush’ko outlines his exceptional vocal and creative abilities in the new track ‘Hendrix’. His verses confess all his distorted thoughts and feelings on being numb to the concept of love. Produced by Blasko Taleski and JUJO, the instrumental dissolves into the track, so listeners can hear Blush’ko sultry vocals which feel entrancing and ear-hooking. Lyrically reflective and relatable, “Hendrix” delivers a dark, sensual mood. Blush’ko unpeels the truth behind his rocker trait which stems from his own insecurities.

Blush’ko on Hendrix “Hendrix is about someone who is numb to the concept of love. A rocker.. A substance abuser, someone who always pushes people away”. I wanted to write a song from my own twisted perspective of the life of a Rocker, like Jimi Hendrix... Someone who is loved by everyone, but are incapable of loving themselves. So you find yourself constantly pushing people away, even though you don’t want too. It was a really dark concept and I don’t think I have ever played this close to maybe my own personal darkness and insecurities, so it was super fun to get in that creative mindset and see what energy flowed out. The general feel of this whole album and ‘Hendrix’ alone is real dark, real heavy, real vulgar, just really real. (Something that I pride myself in being).“I hope everyone feels that energy.”