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Tuills releases brand new track 'Careless'

Tuills releases brand new track 'Careless'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Friday 16th October 2020

Tuills releases brand new track 'Careless' Photograph

Tullis counsels listeners on the wretched reality of police brutality and the hidden pain in our generation. Tullis guitar-based beat aids his contagious melodic delivery. Tullis exposes the tormenting truth of how black people’s lives are viewed as disposable, delivered through reflective heartfelt lyrics, Tullis tells this unforgettable story which needs to be heard.

When speaking about ‘Careless’, “I wanted to shed light on the tragedy of our forced and painful joy.” After approaching 100,000 streams, gained 700 Spotify followers in a day. Tullis is on his way to the top! Be sure to check out ‘Careless’ and other projects!

Listen to the full track below: