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Mic Assassin returns with powerful new track '5 Wings'

Mic Assassin returns with powerful new track '5 Wings'

Author: Daniel David | Sunday 18th October 2020

Mic Assassin returns with powerful new track '5 Wings' Photograph

We all have a chicken shop that is dear to our heart. And we all have a special order. But if you are looking for a little snack, something to give you the energy to get home or get through your morning afternoon shift, then 5 wings is a staple.

But for every person coming to get there order at a chicken shop, there could be a whole lot of pain behind that smile that the chicken brings. Former UK Battle Rap champion Mic Assassin, makes his return following an 8-year hiatus from music to give us an insight into what goes through the mind of those putting in their order. Over a bassy cinematic beat provided by Demdrums Mic Assassin runs through the topics affecting Londoners in 2020 such as trauma, debt, knife crime, teenage pregnancy, jobcentre problems, mental health and depression. Mic Assassin flow is focused over the beat, painting a picture of all the problems he is facing. You can also hear the pain and struggle in his voice with bars like:

Ten pounds left, get paid in 2 weeks I got to make the ten stretch / You know if you know that feeling fam / The type of feeling that starts to eat through a man

I'm trying to finish off a lyric / But my bredrin just got stabbed and I need to pay a visit

But also beautiful poetic lines like:

LDN rains too much, water droplets bring pain to us

If this is the first song of his return, I look forward to hearing what is coming next.