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M24 drops new visuals to ‘Nikeys’

M24 drops new visuals to ‘Nikeys’

Author: Abdul-Ahad Patel | Monday 19th October 2020

M24 drops new visuals to ‘Nikeys’ Photograph

M24 shares new visuals to his track ‘Nikeys’. Notoriously delivering raw and gritty bars with a flawless flow he brings in a track that is hard and aggressive in true M24 fashion.

The music video display M24 showcasing his talent with the promotion of ‘Nikeys’ classic Air Force 1’s Low.

M24 dropped his debut Album ‘Drip N Drill’ this year and following the success of this project, it does not seem like he is sleeping as he keeps coming through with new tracks.

Notable Lyrics

I just smoke them man like Cali (Brrrp, blaow)

I done hella juugs, didn't wear no bally

We up on the board, we up on the tally

My opps dem hate me, the feds can't stand me (Hate my guts)

My fans dem love me, the girls wanna bang me (Girls wanna fuck)

Plan A failed, now I'm doing up plan B (Yes, no cap)

Sweet one with the shape sweet like candy (Yeah)

Yack in my cup, that's the Coke and brandy (Yes, yes, yes)

Still got tools like Handy Manny (Brrrp, blaow)

Listen to the music video now.