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Morrisson brings in Loski for ‘Bad Guy’ visuals

Morrisson brings in Loski for ‘Bad Guy’ visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 22nd October 2020

Morrisson brings in Loski for ‘Bad Guy’ visuals  Photograph

Morrisson and Loski have joined forces for fresh single, Bad Guy. Morrisson does not waste time kicking things off, setting a cruddy tone with his first few bars. The East Londoner starts the track with the chorus by claiming “you need people like us” referencing the notorious gangster film Scarface.

Morrisson flows over the drill beat effortlessly, which consists of very clever wordplay. The rapper always tells stories during his verses, painting the perfect picture for the listener. This certainly helps with the ‘Bad Guy’ portrayal. Loski brings his calm demeanour to the track whilst spitting his braggadocious bars with style.

The purpose of this track is to get you straight gassed. The bars and the visuals coincide perfectly to create a flashy gangster vibe. The visuals are set in a luxurious establishment, looking like a scene straight out of Scarface. We see Morrisson sitting in the King’s chair rocking a pair of shades whist holding some sort of firearm prop, giving off them Tony Montana vibes.

This is a good linkup. You know what you are getting from both artists, and when you put them together you get an upbeat and hype-filled banger.

Listen to ‘Bad Guy’ here and let us know your thoughts.