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Camzino releases vol2 to 'Better In Threes' EP

Camzino releases vol2 to 'Better In Threes' EP

Author: Casey Dorney | Wednesday 4th November 2020

Camzino releases vol2 to 'Better In Threes' EP Photograph

Following the release of 'Better In Threes' this time last year, Camzino has unleashed a highly anticipated vol 2 to the project.

The three-track EP showcases his talent, presenting an impressively distinctive tone loved by many audiences. Camzino's ability to infuse melodic flows and harmonies into his music is his most favoured attribute he applies to his music, constantly providing a promising vibe. He is capable of creating an experience throughout the song, combining the necessary components to ensure the quality is beyond sufficient.

Alongside Camzino's incredible creativity and attentiveness put into the project, the production also made a huge positive impact too. Particularly, track 1 'Of Course' and track 3 'Wrong or Right', produced by Kenniblu gave the EP an additional effect, in the deliverance and creation of the tracks. It is clear that both talents initiate greatness together. Furthermore, the album's consistency level is clearly above standards and failed to disappoint the long-awaited release.

Camzino's music and artistry are evidently alternate to many other artists in the UK right now, integrating a style of rap with urban R&B delivering a very good listen. With the uniqueness and potential held in the current stage of his music career, Camzino will only grow more and more as an artist.


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