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Sugi Dakks delivers powerful new EP ‘Deeply Rooted’

Sugi Dakks delivers powerful new EP ‘Deeply Rooted’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Wednesday 4th November 2020

Sugi Dakks delivers powerful new EP ‘Deeply Rooted’ Photograph

Following on from the success of his previously shared singles ‘Colors’ and ‘Cynicism’ in the last few months, emerging LA-based singer and poet Sugi Dakks has now returned to deliver his powerful new EP ‘Deeply Rooted’. Led up by the new single and closing track of the EP, ‘Not The Only One’, ‘Deeply Rooted’ shows itself as a broad and textured new collection, brimming with classic and contemporary influences that come together to form a bright and diverse melting pot of ideas.

Speaking about the new EP, Sugi said, “‘Deeply Rooted’ is an EP that explores my personal identity, the identity of others, and how we come to shape our identities. When it comes to racism, self-hatred, prejudice, bias, discrimination, and all forms of inequality, all of these are deeply ingrained in our society and deeply ingrained in almost everyone’s personal story. Through this EP, I was able to share my story of how I viewed myself, how it differed from the viewpoints of my peers and the general society, and how bigotry is such a destructive engine that ruins people’s lives, livelihood, and self-worth.”

Listen to ‘Deeply Rooted’ below.