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Jimmy unleashes his brand new 'One Mic' freestyle

Jimmy unleashes his brand new 'One Mic' freestyle

Author: Casey Dorney | Wednesday 4th November 2020

Jimmy unleashes his brand new 'One Mic' freestyle  Photograph

Part of the #98s Homerton - Holly Street collective, Jimmy makes his solo debut on his 'One Mic' freestyle.

Expressing real-life thoughts and stories a beat (produced by ZCBeats and R14), Jimmy showcases his effortless flow alongside his catchy lyricism. His distinctive tone of voice makes him instantly stand out as an alternate artist, as many people enjoy listening to his raps.

In this freestyle, Jimmy presents his highly approved ability to rap with slow pace and quality. With drill music being his speciality, quick, energetic rap is what many audiences expect to hear. However, by being able to adapt his flow to different beats and create a more unfamiliar sound, this shows his capabilities within music and as an artist.

Jimmy's future will undoubtedly go well especially coming up with the rest of #98s. With consistency, his flows and talents will take him far in the drill scene.