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Mowgs shows us why he’s 'Different' in latest visuals

Mowgs shows us why he’s 'Different' in latest visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Thursday 5th November 2020

Mowgs shows us why he’s 'Different' in latest visuals  Photograph

Mowgs has come through with a serious Hip-Hop vibe on his latest release. The Birmingham rapper spits effortlessly over a smooth rap beat. Mowgs dons his very calm and relaxed demeanour whilst delivering braggadocious bars filled with clever wordplay.

There is no chorus for this one, but its certainly not needed. The content of the lyrics is enough to get listeners gassed. The rapper keeps it on-point from his very first bar about telling the truth. We get an insight into the life of Mowgs; and what he is about.

Straightforward visuals allow us to take in Mowgs' lyrics. You could use the old cliché ‘Old Skool’ when describing the visuals. We see the rapper on the street with his people in the background whilst he does what he does best, rapping. Mowgs is not just rapping about his lifestyle, he is showing us. Flexing his cash and jewellery, showing us the lavish side of things.

‘Different’ is certainly a street banger. The UK Hip-Hop scene has always been thriving with some of our most notable artists being apart of it. Mowgs’ name will certainly be mentioned when discussing the scene.

Listen to ‘Different’ here and let us know your thoughts.