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Tarm delivers 'Hali's On Me' visuals

Tarm delivers 'Hali's On Me' visuals

Author: Liss Morales | Friday 25th October 2019

Tarm delivers 'Hali's On Me' visuals Photograph

Tarm delivers brand-new visuals for his latest track, Hali's On Me.

Hali's On Me is an upbeat track which hears Tarm deliver lyrics about grafting whilst making the tune catchy. It has many bouncy elements to it also, which make the track enjoyable to listen to. Directed by Ade OG, and edited by Jollof raids, the visuals capture the artist coolin' in a jacuzzi with hot women, whilst he can also be seen driving a clean whip and flaunting his money.

Check out the Hali's On Me visuals below, and follow Tarm on Twitter.