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God-of-Chamby unleashes 'Things I Like'

God-of-Chamby unleashes 'Things I Like'

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Sunday 8th November 2020

God-of-Chamby unleashes 'Things I Like'  Photograph

God-of-Chamby has been delivering his unique and innovative brand of music, with a series of releases over this past year. Honing and developing his vibrant artistry, he is helping to pioneer Afro Trap - a genre that brings together, and reflects, both his Nigerian and American roots and influences. Following on from his earlier single ‘Bigger Than Bombay’, God-of-Chamby is back with another high-energy Hip-Hop-based Trap sound with his new single ‘Things I Like’.

With an eclectic and diverse soundscape, the song brings together a fusion of Trap, Hip-Hop and Rap beats, in an explosion of colour and immersive up-tempo rhythms. Regularly switching up the flow and sound of the lyrical bars and instrumentation; there is something wonderfully wild and unpredictable about ‘Thing I Like’ that keeps you captivated, and showcases God-of-Chamby’s unique and diverse artistry.

Lyrically, Chamby’s dynamic and slick rhythm and flow explore a variety of topics that fall under the category of things he likes, as the title suggests. Chamby explains “Bow to the middle of my greatness" I went more raunchy on this single as I'm really coming into the boss that I am so it's time everyone recognizes it”. Coupled with addictive hooks and energetic beats, the song brings together unpredictable and invigorating energy that is hard to resist.