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Emalia drops brand new track ‘IOU’

Emalia drops brand new track ‘IOU’

Author: Link Up TV Admin | Sunday 8th November 2020

 Emalia drops brand new track ‘IOU’  Photograph

Emalia unleashes a brand new track entitled, 'IOU'. The track gives us a whole load of empowerment and we're here for it! Emalia’ unforgettable sound takes listeners on a meditative journey. Guapdad 4000 feature adds the perfect flawless finish to the track.

When speaking about​ ‘IOU’ Emalia states, “​IOU is my sexy, fun, care-free anthem on the upcoming EP. I wrote it about pleasure, about lovers keeping each other satisfied. Female pleasure is also something that is becoming less and less of a taboo topic, and I wanted to be part of the movement to talk about that unashamedly and bring awareness to female satisfaction.”

Listen to the full track below: