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Author: Jaisha | Tuesday 10th November 2020


With what continues to be such an uncertain time for the arts, this year has seen a significant rise in musicians developing their sound, honing their craft and challenging the status quo. This has been made clear by North-London’s GBNGA, who is the product of a generation growing up watching The Jazzie Show. Maturing into an adolescent saw him taking pride in the introspective nature of his work with UKG, grime and funky house at the forefront of his influences.

‘Sleep’ is the latest offering from GBNGA, who says the track was made “to give you a comfort at a time where you need it”. Created in his bedroom during the lockdown, ‘Sleep’ is fuelled with a lively instrumental and a delicate vocal that embraces missing a loved one.

We caught up with GBNGA to find out what tracks he has on repeat at home.

KwolleM, DC - Woolwich Arsenal (DLR)

"I love KwolleM's new EP, C2C! Mellow grime resonates with my chill, laid backflow and caters to my love for grime. DC really went in and dropped the lyrics that I relate to. The whole C2C project feels like a journey and I also like how DC gave us insight into his mental space on this one."

Benezer - Proposition
"I have a great relationship with Benezer as boys but I would still love this track if we didn't know each other. The proposition is a proper vibe that I love to zone out to. It's a really good vibe. It's a really good vibe where you hear Benezer spit some real talk about life and himself. It kinda feels like a personal entry in his diary which I love for him allowing us access."
Rema - Woman
"This track here is a vibe! As a guy who loves women, I really relate to Rema, haha! But for real though, it makes me want to start dancing automatically. "
Juls - Soweto Blues ft. Busiswa & Jaz Karis
"I feel like Juls is an artist who is multi-talented and dangerously versatile. I love the sort of Funky House/South African House vibe. I last heard it the other day when I was on my way to a vibe and it was the start of a memorable night."
MJ Cole - Soak It Up ft. Kojey Radical
"Massive link up with one of the garage pioneers, MJ Cole and Kojey Radical."
Bawo - Undercover ft. Donalee
"This track is a real bop, I love how Bawo and Donalee compliment each other! Definitely two artists to look out for!"
Kano - Bang Down Your Door
"It's a short track but I love how Kano reminisces about life with his bredrin before he got locked up. It's uplifting and sounds like sweet nostalgia. Free all the mandem."
Tirzah - Devotion ft. Coby Sey
"I don't know why I love this song so much but the minimalist production and soft vocals does it for me. I love the music video too! It's a proper vibe."
Tiana Major9 - ...Exclusively
" I really love this song and Tiana's, At Sixes and Sevens EP. Tiana Major9 is a real talent and I like how she expresses how much she wants to take a leap of faith for her love interest."
Dizzee Rascal - Get By
"Dizzee has a timeless catalogue of music and I bang this track like it just came out yesterday!"
GBNGA's latest single 'Sleep' it out now.