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#7th YB drops visuals for new track ‘Frontpage’

#7th YB drops visuals for new track ‘Frontpage’

Author: Aishah Rahman | Thursday 12th November 2020

#7th YB drops visuals for new track ‘Frontpage’ Photograph

#7th YB makes a return to our ‘Frontpage’ with the release of visuals for his latest track.

The 'Lightwork Freestyle' rapper, known as #7th YB, creates a catchy rhythm as he showcases his storytelling lyricism over a melodic beat.

Directed by Eats Media, ‘Frontpage’ is set in a residential area with shots of flats, off-licences and streets as the visuals resemble the East London area. The rapper’s lyricism shares an insight into street culture; as he touches on violence and loyalty. As the rapper sports a hooded coat and his peers appear in masks, the visuals reflect a low-key vibe.

Previous tracks from the artist include ‘How?’ and ‘Last Ones left’. #7th YB has also collaborated with other artists, including as CB and Y.CB, for tracks like 'Lurking' and ‘Twinning’.

Check out ‘Frontpage’ here: