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Morrisson Joins Forces With M24 In 'Gulag' Visuals

Morrisson Joins Forces With M24 In 'Gulag' Visuals

Author: Triston Macauley | Saturday 14th November 2020

Two of the hardest spitters out right now, Morrisson and M24 have linked up for a mew joint, and it does not disappoint. Morrisson gets things started by delivering a solid and catchy chorus. It took one listen, and the bar “Fresh out the Gulag” is imprinted in my brain already.

The East Londoner’s first verse is nothing short of vigorous. Morrisson comes with dope wordplay with countless references and one-liners. His delivery is on point and floats on the drill beat with ease.

Next to follow, is M24 and you know what time it is when the South London rapper steps up. As always, M24 brings that ruthless aggression in his delivery. Like his counterpart, M24 has got slick one liners that gets a listener gassed. M24 is perfect for Drill; His raw and In-your-Face demeanour always adds energy to any track he steps on.

The Call of Duty inspired set of visuals keeps the Gulag theme consistent, as we see scenes of people parachuting out of a plane the way it would be done in the game. In other scenes, Morrisson and M24 are in the ‘Gulag’ donning extremely long hair and a beard, indicative that they have been down there for quite some time. The video is an entertaining watch, especially if you are a gamer, as a lot of the visuals will make sense to you.

Listening to Morrisson go back to back with M24 on a UK Drill beat makes for good listening; both artists bring their individual style to the track, making a banger full of greaze in the process.

Check out 'Gulag' below and let us know your thoughts.