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Avelino drops accompanying visuals for 'Cassius Clay'

Avelino drops accompanying visuals for 'Cassius Clay'

Author: Lewis Newman | Sunday 27th October 2019

Avelino drops accompanying visuals for 'Cassius Clay' Photograph

After the release of Cassius Clay earlier this week, Avelino has dropped accompanying visuals to his collaboration with (Santan) Dave.

This production value at play here is immense, with the Tottenham rapper delivering a throwback inspired depiction of life on the streets of the capital. Shots are unsteady, colours fade and the jarring frame by frame edit only adds to the effectiveness of this killer track. There are no appearances from the duo of lyrical heavyweights, so this certainly feels unlike a music video. More so it plays almost in short film format, depicting moments typical of London life. These montages are intercut with close ups from the inside of a boxing gym, bringing us back to the title of the song.

It’s incredibly easy to become immersed in these impressive visuals, combining with this outstanding track to create a piece of art with lasting impressions.

Check it out for yourself below, and don’t forget to share your thoughts. Long live Avelino & Santan!