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Milo Bank$ Releases 918 Spyder

Milo Bank$ Releases 918 Spyder

Author: Lily Batten | Monday 16th November 2020

Milo Bank$ Releases 918 Spyder Photograph

After a musical debut earlier this year; alternative hip hop artist Milo Bank$ is back with his EP ‘Sonder’, released last month. London-based Milo has been showcasing his artistic style and talent through a series of releases over this past year; and proving himself as an exciting new talent within the hip hop and rap scene.

Teaming up with producer Chris Villa; across the 5-track record, Milo delivers a sound that blends melodic hip hop and rap beats, with darker and more alternative elements weaving their way throughout the sonic landscape. Standing out on the EP is the dynamic track ‘918 Spyder’ that brings an edgier sound to the album, and contrasts with the softer energy that the rest of the record projects.

“To me Sonder is a collection of emotions and events that came out of the most productive and experimental period of my music career,” Milo says. The project is set to represent the first he and longtime producer Chris Vella have pooled their talents together for an extended period of time, coming up with an EP that perfectly conveys the rough times that we are going through”.

A project coming straight out of lockdown, ‘Sonder’ looks introspectively at life, and the situations we are all currently facing. A vibrant and dynamic EP from start to finish, this is certainly a project that will resonate with, and captivate, listeners.