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Mist unleashes emotion-filled visuals to ‘Cemetery Walks’

Mist unleashes emotion-filled visuals to ‘Cemetery Walks’

Author: Triston Macauley | Wednesday 18th November 2020

Mist unleashes emotion-filled visuals to ‘Cemetery Walks’  Photograph

Mist has come with some real wholesome content in his latest tune, Cemetery talks.

For anyone who has felt the pain of losing a loved one then this track will hit differently. Every bar the Birmingham rapper spits will certainly hit close to home.

Rapping over a soft and sombre beat, Mist begins the track with a powerful chorus about the effects of losing a loved one and going to jail, but how he still keeps it real and gives thanks to the Lord.

The first verse, Mist takes a trip down memory lane as he raps about precious moments from his past. He also reminisces about the tougher times, as he tells us about being in prison with a roommate. The rapper cleverly breaks down his verses into chapters, taking us on a little journey through his life.

In the second verse, we get five more chapters, as we hear Mist explain his difficult living situations due to his mum’s house being repossessed. During this verse, Mist questions if there is a heaven and why his queen got ‘taken away’. The last chapter ends with Mist wanting to see his mum again.

Set in a cemetery, the visuals are deep. The one scene, where get a P.O.V from the grave whilst Mist throws in flowers in heart-rending to say the least. Other scenes, we see the sunlight shine through the trees, which gives it a certain angelic or spiritual feeling.

This song will have you thinking about life, your loved ones and the ones that are no longer here with us. Although it is an emotive subject, Mist manages to still gives off the feeling of empowerment; No setback can stop me kind of vibes.

Take in Cemetery walks here.