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Little Torment pays tribute in new song 'Henny Music’

Little Torment pays tribute in new song 'Henny Music’

Author: Stephen Jones | Thursday 19th November 2020

Little Torment pays tribute in new song 'Henny Music’ Photograph

As each day goes by, the name Little Torment gets more and more attention, and it's clear to see that the London rapper is keen to keep up the hard work with his new song 'Henny Music'.

Don't be fooled by the sombre imagery, Little Torment comes forward with uplifting bars, and provides us with an insight into the losses he has experienced in his lifetime.

The south London rapper is mixing the Henny with the Henry, and the result is a clear sounding song. The lyrics are touching enough to make listeners think about the pain others go through.

Torment released his EP 'Henny Music' on November 6 which included street anthems like 'Crabs In A Bucket' and 'Stay Ready.' 'Henny Music' takes on a different vibe, it comes forth with the tone of someone who has been doing some deep reflecting. The single creates a meaningful vibe that is delivered with ease by the ready and waiting, Little Torment.

The visuals certainly match the vibe that the artist was trying to assemble as we see him and his friends taking a moment to reflect in a graveyard.

Make sure you check out the video for 'Henny Music' down below.