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Stardom and M24 drop new visuals to ‘100x’

Stardom and M24 drop new visuals to ‘100x’

Author: Triston Macauley | Friday 20th November 2020

Stardom and M24 drop new visuals to ‘100x’ Photograph

Stardom and M24 link up to produce fresh visuals for '100x’.

M24’s work rate has been relentless lately. In the last few weeks, we have heard the South London rapper kill it with artists such as Morrisson and Rimzee. This time we hear M24 working with Birmingham rapper, Stardom.

Spitting over a heavy-hitting Drill beat, both artists go back to back on the chorus. The best way to describe the chorus is cool, calm, and collected; However, the energy levels rapidly pick up with M24’s first verse. The Brixton rapper dons that gritty style we know him for. Like always, M24’s aggressive delivery on the beat ensures the hype levels are high.

This is a good linkup because Stardom is smoother with it. Stardom glides on the beat whilst showing his versatility by switching up the flow a few times, keeping it entertaining. The rapper’s style is a good juxtaposition to the gritty style of M24 as it keeps the banger fresh.

The visuals are full of glitz and glamour. We see the jewellery, the expensive alcohol, and the models which Portrays their lavish lifestyle. The flashy visuals coincide perfectly with the swaggering nature of the track.

Take in ‘100x’ below.